Dear Poopa,

How can I ever express how much I enjoyed reading Aromas of Aleppo.  This is not just another cookbook!  Aromas of Aleppo is a magnificent collection that is to be savored like the finest Aleppian delicacy.  Reading Aromas of Aleppo is like taking a stroll down memory lane.  Your words have transported me to a place I’ve never been, Syria; and to many places I remember fondly. While reading your book, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions.  I found myself moved to tears as well as chuckling with laughter.  I found myself nostalgic for the past and looking forward to the future. Your well researched book has touched me in so many ways.  I am so proud of our rich heritage and am reminded not to take it for granted.  I look forward to continuing our traditions and passing them on to the next generation.  More importantly, I am truly inspired because you have elevated my faith and love for Hashem and I know that my prayers will take on new meaning. Aromas of Aleppo is indeed a treasure that no home should be without. Poopa, thank you for a job well done.  May you continue to be a source of inspiration to those around you.

Sincerely yours,
Carole Azizo
Dearest Poopa,

I cannot help but marvel and admire the masterpiece you so graciously composed.  Your book shall be a cherished treasure in many Syrian Jewish homes for generations to come. Please except my profoundest wishes for your continued success. May Hashem bless you and all that is yours with his guidance, love and support in all your endeavors.

Tita Matut
Dear Poopa,

I don’t know you well, but I am a friend of your children. Thus when I first opened your new ‘gift’, I wasn’t surprised; But I was overwhelmed. You and your group have compiled treasures for us that may have one day become obsolete. This book will keep our sacred Aleppo foods and customs for generations. The photo of M’labas (white and silver-ofcourse) in the frosted glass bowl took me back to my sisters swanee in the 80’s. The recipes with foul and mazza took me back to grandmas house 20 years ago. The book not only depicts our Syrian edibles, but it is a testament to our grace and suffeh. My Syrian Jewish pride is strengthened through your effort. Our matriarchs of generations past are smiling down, as we will reacquaint our families with the legacy they have began. Shabbat Shalom! And Thank You for sharing your talent with us!

Billy Anteby
Dear Poopa,     

I just received your cookbook as a gift from my mother-in-law and was so touched by it,  that I felt the need to let you know what a fabulous job you did.  The book is so beautiful, the recipes very interesting and helpful and the forward very touching.  You should be so proud of your accomplishment.  Excellent job and thank you for letting me in on the Syrian past and traditions. 

Stephanie Matut
Dear Poopa,

First, I would like to congratulate you on the most magnificent cook book I have ever seen. It could not have been released at a more perfect time. In my graduate class for education we were asked to write an ethnic autobiography. Not only did I reference the history of Syrian Jews from your book, but I passed it around to all the other students during my oral presentation. Everyone loved it! They were asking questions and wanted to know where they could purchase a copy. They thought it looked like a museum book.

I also wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the writing. Your way with words makes you a natural author. I was so proud to present your book because it helped to support a large majority of my paper. You are a role model to other women in the community in that you are able to keep with your traditions and also make a name for yourself in the outside world. I have so much respect for you and all that you have accomplished. This book makes me feel honored to be a Syrian-Jewish woman and I hope that when other people read it they too will see the greatness that is our community. Hashem should bless you with continued success in all that you do.

Shabbat Shalom,
Elizabeth Ashear
Hi Poopa,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell how amazing your book is! I'm sure you heard it all day yesterday but just wanted to add my best wishes as well. You did an absolutely fantastic job, the pictures, the stories, the cover... everything was so beautiful & so exciting to look it. I'm really enjoying it. And I'm so proud of you & inspired by you & what you were able to accomplish! May Hashem give you the strength to continue enhancing our community in such special ways! And you have done exactly what Rabbi Diamond said "working mothers" should do... you have given back to our community in an amazing & inspiring way!!

Stacey Gindi
S. Gindi Design Studio
What a book.

The only recipe you left out was when you have lemons make leomanade. You are one of my heroes who takes there energy and helps others with it. May all you have and all you do be blessed.


Your admirer
Dear Poopa,

I love the book!  I am eating much better food since its publication.  The only downside is my new food bill and my eventual larger wasteline.  All kidding aside, it was beautifully done and it really is a great piece of work.

Happy cooking and thanks again,
Steven Montague

Absolutely Wonderful, October 30, 2007

By M. D. Thomas "ReadingSailor" (New London, CT)

This book is an incredible journy through a cusine and a culture. I love Middle Eastern Food and purchased this book to compare the Syrian Recipes to the Lebanese Recipes that I had grown up wiht. This book provided much more. A wonderful inside look at the Jewish Culture in Aleppo. The recipes are delicious (not much different than what I grew up with, except followng Kosher Laws) and easy to follow. The book has beautiful photography and now sits out in my kitchen counter. A must read for anyone interested in Middle Eastern Foods and cultures.

Wonderful, heartfelt legacy, August 26, 2007

By Marguerite (the Jersey shore)

This work of love is so much more than a cookbook. It is a guide to follow for those who love their own history and long for an authentic record. For others, it is a testament to a traditional way of life that co-exists with contemporary convenience. And, it is a photojournalistic journey through a delightful heritage and cuisine.

I had the pleasure of seeing this work in the process of being born, and know that the author's heart and soul were part of every page. To meet Poopa is to recognize a gracious and prophetic spirit. She is a woman who wants more than anything to preserve and pass on a wealth of tradition as it relates to family, home and the celebration of life. Join her spiritual journey through the traditional stories and recipes she shares.

Like being in my Mother's kitchen!, November 28, 2007

By Susan H. Murai "SRaider" (Los Gatos, CA United States)

Dearest Poopa,

If you only knew how much this cookbook means to me. It is like being in my mother's kitchen. I have Rae Dayan's book as well. The recipes are mostly the same or similar. But, the beauty of the book is unsurpassed. It is like being in my mother's kitchen with her. How can anyone who has ever had Kibbe Hamda not taste and smell it in the air when they see the picture in the book. My entire family spent hours pouring over it.

The recipes are exactly my mother's. This is a great book. The pictures of the community, of the rabbis, of the food, all take me back to my childhood. I look at the pictures of the rabbis in Aleppo and wonder if one of them could be my paternal grandfather who was one of the last chief rabbis in the region.

Truly, this is a book for anyone who loves good food. It is so much more than a book for someone whose ancestry is of that region. Thank you.


An Historical and Sensory Delight, September 29, 2007

By J. Zornberg (Brooklyn, NY)

Aromas of Aleppo walks you through the intricate history of the Jews in Syria and provides some of the most delectable recipes to be found anywhere. The format and photos make it suitable as a table book.

Outstanding and beautiful chronicle of Jewish life and food in Aleppo, November 20, 2007

By willownt

This weighty book contains a large number of photographs and other documents, in addition to a history of the Jewish community in Aleppo, Syria.

The recipes, and there are many, are augmented by information about how they are served and information about the distinctiveness of Jewish food in Aleppo. In addition to the kosher aspect, which precludes the consumption of pork and the mixing of dairy and meat, the author explores other distinctive aspects of their cuisine such as the use of tamarind, used more by the Jewish community in Aleppo than by other religious groups. There is also a section on celebratory food and its significance. The recipes represent the diverse range of food people eat, with clear descriptions and copious, sumptuous photographs of the food being prepared. She also discusses the importance of being a good hostess, and how this informs the lives of Jewish women in Aleppo.

It is obvious that Poopa Dweck had enormous support of the Aleppo Jewish community who contributed to the documentation of this community. It is a wealth of information about the people of this area and their food.

A gift from above!, November 2, 2007

By Rabbi Style

Growing up in a Syrian community, but marrying a non-Syrian has made it real difficult for a guy like me. Especially since I don't live in the community anymore. I've always missed our traditional foods, but couldn't get the recipes. Then this book came out in time for the chagim! So far, all the recipes that we've made are delicious, just like the best maza out there! If you like Syrian foods, this is really going to put a smile on your face!

Astounding Scope, Beauty, and Execution, September 19, 2007

By Richard A. Warshak "Author, Divorce Poison: P...

An extraordinary volume of a truly unique and exotic cuisine. This is by far the most beautiful cookbook I have seen - beautiful in appearance, and in spirit. Dweck reveals the secrets of Syrian-Jewish dishes in her time-tested recipes that will leave you and your guests wanting more. The exquisite images make your mouth water. Beyond the recipes and photographs, the book is a great read with Dweck's generous commentary on the ties between food and the cultural traditions of her community. The entire package is top-notch and destined to be the classic volume on this savory cuisine. No food lover should be without it. When not being used in the kitchen, this gorgeous work will be on your coffee table. A magnificent achievement, astounding in its scope, beauty, and execution.

aleppo cooking, November 21, 2007

By Mendel Suchmacher

My mother's family (Dahab/Sicri/Abade) is from Aleppo, and she is a true expert in arab cuisine. As we browsed the book, we felt a mixture of nostalgia and an uncontrollable impulse of eating its raw pages! She could recognize and nominate most of the plates, and maybe some passed relatives from the photos. Congratulations to sephardic Aleppo american community for this meaningful cultural achievement (Mendel Suchmacher, Rio, Brazil).

Great cookbook with great recipes and pictures buy it., October 7, 2007

By john "jo"

this is a must have cookbook for anyone who likes middle eastern food. all recipes are delicious.

Aroma for your mind, October 7, 2007

By Albert (New York, New York)

I am sure that everybody who saw your book Aromas of Aleppo was very impressed and, rightly so, you have received many compliments. However when I looked through the book, I saw in it not only Aromas for the stomach but also Aromas for the mind. The book, not only was complied with good taste and, "suffeh" but also you tried to show and teach the reader that the cuisine of Aleppo include the "suffeh "itself. It is amazing how an American born girl like you, has the spirit and the "suffeh"of Aleppo run through your veins.

The Aleppo"suffeh"is not only the Shabbat table, the holiday table, the Shul, the prayers, but also the togetherness of the family, respect of our elders and so many other small things that make our way of life so unique. I remember when my father came home, how all the kids stood up, and if we are not paying attention, my mother reminded us.

I hope that you will continue to speak and explain our way of life to the members of the community, especially the newlyweds who little by little are trying to move away from the nest. From time to time try to gather the youth of our community in the City Learning Center that you have founded and lecture our way of life; they need it more than the recipes. Do you know how many souls you saved? How many times you heard that the reason the family is breaking up because there was no "suffeh"in the house. (The mother was not in the house when the kids came home, the father was not around when he was most needed, and there was no dinner ready when the husband came home etc .......)

I do not have to tell you, how it is such a big Mitzvah to save even one soul. Many cook books were written but nothing like yours. I am sure that it will serve our people for many generations to come. "Many daughters have done valiantly, but you exceed them all."

A must have for anyone who loves to cook!, October 2, 2007

By Shelly Sabin (Brooklyn NY)

Aromas of Aleppo goes way beyond being a cookbook. Poopa Dweck fills her book with the rich history and traditions of the Syrians from Aleppo, both past and present. In addition to the many vibrant pictures, the origins and explanations of spices, fruits, and vegetables are explained in a way that makes the reader turn page after page. The mouth watering recipes are pictured and written with easy to follow directions. Aromas of Aleppo is a treasure for anyone who loves Sephardic cooking. And for those who just like to look at beautiful pictures. The book makes a wonderful gift for both young and old.

Mrs. Dweck is to be commended for her great achievement in producing this delightful book.

aromas of aleppo, September 18, 2007

By sarah Matut

I cannot help but marvel and admire the masterpiece you so graciously composed. Your book shall be a cherished treasure in many Syrian Jewish homes for generations to come. Please except my profoundest wishes for your continued success. May Hashem bless you and all that is yours with his guidance, love and support in all your endeavors.

Tita Matut

aromas of aleppo, October 31, 2007

By Joyce Chabbott

I've read this magnificent book over and over again. The recipes are fantastic and the information on Syrian Jews was informative and quite correct as I am from the same ethnic background. The photography was excellent. Aromas of Allepo is a nice addition on my coffee table. I so enjoyed the book that I have purchased seven copies to give away as gifts. Poopa Dweck did an amazing job depicting the importance of "cooking up our wonderful lifestyle!!" "Bravo! Poopa"

terrific, October 31, 2007

By Paula M. Schultz "cookbook collector"

This is a fabulous cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow (most do not have too many ingredients) and the photos are delicious. Great coffee table book. Well worth the price!!

Great Aromas of Aleppo, October 6, 2007

By Donald W. Aaronson MD "Julia the Great Chef"

This is an excellent book. The recipies are terrific and the history of the area makes it a great read. The only negative is that this is not a book for a beginner cook since some instructions are not detailed enuf and it takes experience to go the next step

Amazing!, January 1, 2008

By Denise Margolis "Just an old fashioned cook!" (Manchester, England)

So much more than a cookery book. A history of the Jews who lived in Syria and how the families all came together, specially the women, and how they cooked and ate together. As this is my background, and my mother is long since dead, and also at that time recipes were not written down but just passed on by word of mouth, and remembered by taste and smell, it is amazing to find a book which such authentic recipes. I have bought this book for myself, my daughter and my cousin and they are all raving about it. Even if you do not like cooking it is so lovely to read, I recommend it to anyone with Sephardi tastes and backgrounds or indeed anyone who likes good food. The recipes are so easy to follow and so well laid out and illustrated. Just like Mum and Grandma cooked!

More than just a cookbook - it's a nostalgia trip!, December 24, 2007

By Nava Attia-benoit (Bay Area, CA, USA)

My father was from Aleppo, as was my grandmother on my mom's side, so I grew up with all these incredible dishes. However, being a kid, I dreamt of schnitzels and chips, so I never bothered to learn how to make that food. This book is helping me reproduce some of those aromas and flavors. The recipes are easy to follow, being clear and accurate to the last grain of salt (or allspice!). This book is a real gem!!

The Best of the Middle Eastern Cook Books That I've ever seen, November 23, 2007

By Andrew Rofe "siteofgold" (LI NEW YORK USA)

This book brings me back to when I was a child living with my parents. My Father and Mother are and were from the Middle East. All of the food my Grandmothers and my Mother made are in this great book and it has very easy to follow recipe directions. I highly Recommend this cook book to those of you that are interested in really delicious meals. Buy this Book!....

aromas of alepppo, November 21, 2007


a magnificent book more than i had expected great pictures great recipes my grandma used to cook these dishes and never left any recipes so this is book is heaven for me!

Letter From Bruce Teitelbaum

My wife and I just left the wine tasting on the upper west side, where we had the pleasure of meeting you, your husband and daughter. And grandchildren! We were the mixed marriage couple. I'm a J-dub and she's an Esses. We've never met before, so you can't possibly imagine how absurd it would seem to those who do know me, that I'd be writting you.

Honestly, its hard for me to imagine getting excited about meeting the author of a cookbook. I've met Battali several times, Jacques Pepin and others. My work used to bring me into contact with the "whose who". No big deal. Meeting you was. Yours was more than merely a cookbook. It's not how I describe it to friends. I think of It as a history of a people, a culture and a rich tradition that you've managed to capture through your recipes, stories and pictures. The book is really a work of art. Every aspect of your work, from the compelling photographs to the layout, were done thoughtfully and with taste. ( Perfectly fitting for a cookbook. )

Your book has touched me on so many different levels its hard to articulate. But I can thank you for atleast this. I look foward to Shabbat with my family a little bit more in part because I've made it a habit of reading your book right before the Sabbath. It sort of helps me usher in a sense of warmth and tradition that make the day more meaningful to me. Every week another few pages. A few more stories. Another photograph or two.

We were recently blessed with the birth of our first child, Sophia. (She was named after my wife Suri's great Aunt Sophie Esses. ) I sit with Sophia and read her your stories and recipes. Show her the pictures and tell her about the magnificent heritage you describe. She understands I think.

Eventhough my own tradition traces back to Eastern Europe and foods like gefilte fish, borscht, and stuffed cabbage, when I read your book I'm tranformed from a Teitelbaum into a "Kassin", or "Tawil" or "Esses" . My wife's family comes from Allepo so its not such a stretch for me. But while I'm reading your book, boy do I wish I were an authentic descendant of a regal Sephardic family like the ones depicted in the book.

It's a difficult feeling too describe, but all I know is I feel a little bit better after I read your book. In a sense the book radiates life and touches a chord that makes me happy. I actually smile whenever I read it. I've never experienced such a feeling from a book. It is, after all, only a book. But it's somehow different with your book. You've managed to capture not only this readers' attention, but also my emotions.

I now know that you've received plaudits from fans around the globe and in some pretty exotic places. I'm just a Brooklyn guy who now lives on the upper west side, so I hope that my praise is no less welcome. Being from Brooklyn I can tell you that not only have you distiguished yourself but also the Sephardic community, which as you know, is mostly centered in Brooklyn. I hope the community understands what an important thing you have done. You deserve not only the thanks of the Sephardic community, but the entire Jewish community for telling a story of the richness and glory of our people. You've done a wonderful thing and you should feel incredibly proud of your accomplishment.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with my wife and me. It was a great pleasure meeting you and part of your beautiful family.

- Bruce Teitelbaum

Reader's Comments

Mabruk! What a fantastic book. I read about it in the Jewish Chronicle -in England UK. My cousins &amp I may have Ashkanasi names but we are part of the Sephardi community in Didsbury Manchester uk. Altoun & Ezra Khaffif came here at baginning of the 20th century -their 5 daughters came here &amp brought up large families here. We are now scattered worldwide.My grandma Regina Sassoon was the best cook. When she died I asked for the large silver spoon she used to serve the rice at family gatherings.I have this great momento. This Shabbat I started to read the book to my 91 year old mother who is now blind. We did not get very far as she started to reminisce at each page. We still make some of your recipes- exactly as described. The pictures have left us drooling!

Happy Pesach.

Anna Goldberg

Just wanted to share some feedback on your fantastic book!

My partner & I are Syrian Catholics from Homs & Aleppo, but we were born in Sydney, Australia. We found your book in a book store yesterday and found all his favorite recipes which he teases me that "are only available in Aleppo" (not Homs) We compared them to his mother & grandmother's recipes and they were spot on! Needless to say, we bought it straight away and will pass it onto our children, so they can know the cuisine of their heritage.

Thanks for putting together such a great collection of recipes and staying true to the beautiful city of Aleppo!

Take Care,
Christine & Anthony