Syrian Jewish Cooking Classes With Poopa Dweck

The kitchen is the soul of the Aleppian Jewish home. Bring the exquisite art of Syrian Jewish cooking into your home with personal cooking classes from Poopa Dweck. In these entertaining and enlightening sessions, the Aromas of Aleppo author demonstrates how to create the cuisine of the Aleppo Jews that has been passed down through generations.

Learn how to make tantalizing Sephardic selections that gracefully combine Mediterranean and Levantine influences, such as Shurba w’Kibbeh (Smooth Tomato-Rice Soup with Stuffed Meatballs), S’fiha (Stuffed Baby Eggplants with Ground Meat and Rice) and Imwarrah b’Jibn (Cheese-Filled Filla Triangles).

Enjoy a private Sephardic cooking class in the intimacy of your home. Groups of up to 12 students can also make arrangements for instruction at Poopa’s New Jersey residence. Schedule an Aleppo cooking lesson today and make your next Shabbat a feast of the senses.