1. frieda shachar Says:

    Hello Poopa,

    How are you?
    You have published a magnificent culture and cooking book , “aromas of aleppo”.
    My father whos parents lived in Aleppo, was very excited by the book. The book really touched his heart
    and memories of his mother’s and familty cooking and culture.
    I wanted to suggest you to publish your book in Hebrew, it’ll make many readers, especially who came from Aleppo,very happy.
    I’m also offfering my help, if needed in translation from English to Hebrew.
    You make me feeling and wanting to meet with you and learn how to make MAMUL and other deliciuos
    Allepo’ s dishes.(but i’m very far a way, i’m in Israel )Why do you say?

    I’m thanking you for publishing this book. It helped me discover my family rch roots and origins.
    May HASHEM bless you.
    All the best.

    Frieda Shachar

  2. Reyna Simnegar Says:

    Dear Poopa,
    I would like to thank you so much for all the inspiration from your beautiful book. I got it as a present from Gruni Uminer from the Chabbad House at Chesnut Hill. It was a huge pleasure for me to decorate the room where the class took place !!! I am glad to see, by your dedication, that it brought you back good memories from your home town. I wish I had been able to be there!!!
    I made this Shabbat (Parsha Beshalach) all about Syrian food…and, although my husband is Persian and guests were from all over the world expet Syria, they all LOVED it!!
    I would like to ask you where can I find the same Tamarind paste you gave Gruni (she gave me the leftovers) I have used it up and cannot find anything like it kosher here…I tried to look up Sophia’s foods in Deal, NY but was not able to find them.

    All the best and thank you so much!!


  3. Leonardo Bigas Says:

    Ok. Why could not I come up with this?

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