Hanukkah is Coming

Hanukkah is coming up December 21st.¬† Aromas of Aleppo prepares ‘Ataiyef – Syrian Stuffed Pancakes.¬†Love to hear your comments.
Recipe on Web Site

Recipe on Web Site

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  1. Mariame Says:

    Hello Poopa!

    I got your extraordinary book a couple months ago and cannot tell you the joy it brought and brings me. Being half-Syrian myself (my father is Syrian from Aleppo, not Jewish though), it was amazing and exciting to find a book with all the food I was weaned on- and to learn more about the jewish community of Aleppo.

    I’m salivating just looking at the Atayef…it’s tempting to make some tomorrow!

    Thank you again for the joy you brought us- btw, my father saw your book and he was very impressed! ;)

    Best regards to you and your family,

    Montreal, Canada

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