Just wanted to share some feedback on your fantastic book!

My partner & I are Syrian Catholics from Homs & Aleppo, but we were born in Sydney, Australia.

We found your book in a book store yesterday and found all his favorite recipes which he teases me that “are only available in Aleppo” (not Homs)

We compared them to his mother & grandmother’s recipes and they were spot on!

Needless to say, we bought it straight away and will pass it onto our children, so they can know the cuisine of their heritage.

Thanks for putting together such a great collection of recipes and staying true to the beautiful city of Aleppo!

Take Care,
Christine & Anthony

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  1. estrella Says:

    I am from Mexico and I just recieved your book trough a friend of mine, thank you for putting in paper what it seems a lost art (cooking), you have captured the soul of our get toghether.
    I have seen my grandmother gather her family around her table for many years, and I being a food lover myself want to keep on the tradition.
    thank you and congratulation.
    I hope you come to Mexico soon so you can share your knowledge with our graet community.

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